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2005-05-02 - 6:25 p.m.

I have a new name i forgot my password to my other one i did wite it down but Mum chucked it away. It wrote this one down but put keep on it in big letters. Todays been a pretty good day, no school. I slept over at Jades last night and came back at 2.30, Mum was gonna do a bbq but then it rained so she cooked it inside. I have sats tommorow i don't think i'll do very well. I'm coiping cds for big Ollie at the momment. I say big ollie cause i know to Ollies who are both close to. Lil Ollie i go out with. And big is my best friend. That reminds Max is leaving Friday it's gonna be so weird. Feel sorry for stacey it's her b/d and her boyfriends leaving. Well anyways better go sees ya x


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