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2005-05-07 - 10:00 p.m.

Done nothing today just sat around watching tv. Emmas had her room decorated it's finished now. Mines beening done next week. I want to do swimming but Mums not really making much of a effort to find out if theres one for my age, which is a bit frustrating. I might be doing a matial arts with Tom Dads sorting it all out for us. Although he thinks im not taking it serously. I've waited mounths now to find out bout swimming. If thats gonna be the same with dad i'll find out about it myself and ring up all the lines. I had barcadi today it was nice. I haven't heard from Diane or Tom today oh well they probly have social lives. Big Ollie hasn't rung up either wich is strange for him. Oh well he's probly still solking over Jade. I wish Tom was online at the mo i want someone to chat to, but i think he's a bit annoyed with me im not sure. I hope today's not gonna be like tommorow.


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