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2005-05-20 - 7:57 p.m.

Im so bored at momment i want Diane or Tom to come online. I texed them both and neither texted back. I probly gonna be so bored this weekend. I wish i could just get A bus up sunny and have a day out. But i don't have no-one to go with, no-one i know is that dorky. My b/ds soon its gonna be the worst ever. Last year was the best we all went up sunny together. Me mum, Dad, ches, Kerry and Rhianna. Diane and Tom are on hoilday on my b/d. And i def won't see Ches and Kerry cause well duh! Spose I got Steven he'll be here and Nan and Grandad. There coming round Sunday Nan and Grandad i mean. I saw him Monday Steven i mean. We go to gateway we used to play magic. But we haven't latly. It isn't the same without Ches maybe thats what steven thought to. Not sure we don't really talk about Ches. Karate was good yesterday we were fighting. We had to have a head thing and proper boxing gloves. It was cool. Big Ollie werent here today he reckon he's got a bad back. Lil Ollie gave me a kiss today it was sweet but he's probly gonna be clingy now. Emma got another phone today shes had about 5 in 5 mounths. Im getting one for my b/d i'd rather have everyone there talking happily to each other though. But never mind spose its second best thing. My rooms totally finished it's really cool. I got Toms timetable today he asked me to skive but if kim was there she'd think i was scared of her. Could be worse could have Jess after me thats much worse. I'd love it if some-one weak bullied me and i beat them up that would be better. I cut my hands with scissors yesterday i got little tiny marks. But no-ones noticed so cant be that bad. Jade and Stacey rung me up didnt talk for long though. I wish Max would ring he rung up 2 wednesdays ago and sed he'd ring again in a few days but he hasn't. And he's seen star wars already we was all gonna see it together. Chris and Jamie are gonna be gutted. They were looking well forward to seeing it with him. I rung big Ollie earlier he weren't really listening to me so then i said i fiund a tena today. He believed me then i said i chucked it away cause i didnt really want it. That got his attention.


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