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2005-05-25 - 6:21 p.m.

Todays been crummy i went to school, first lesson was science. Then Art but i skived that you can guess why. I was texting Diane saying how naff my day was going. So she came and picked me up from school. Tom said he would skive with me 2nd lesson but he didnt. Then i saw him at break and all he could say was hi. Mum keep wanting to know why i wanted the day off. Its crazing me i don't like talking to her about whats inside my head Last time i did ches ended up commiting sucide for the second time. Ok i it was mostly Dad but it woudnt happen if Mum didn't blab. I just rung Max up he's doing good he had a friend round so thats a good sign. Ollie, Jamie, Chris and Anton all told Max i got called away by Rogers. It was the first thing they all said my friends are so trustful (not). I got Karate tomz i hate it on Thursdays but i don't wanna tell Tom that. Tuesdays are lovely btw i got a lovely big bruise. Well its kinder big i got it from karate it weirdly felt good when it hurt. Scarey uh. Today i've noticed me and big Oli seem different to everyone else. Like if we sit on a table not one else will go near there. And im the only girl who's interested in fighting and who thinks blood is really cool. And i have about 2 girl mates and like 15 boy mates. No-one i know hangs about with that many boys and just a girl. It's not fair why do i have to be considered has a freak, a weirdo, a saddo, a geek or the weakling. I've been sick today it was cool.


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