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2005-06-18 - 8:22 p.m.

I got a new phone a dvd, Some smellys, earings (from Diane) and 50. We went to Norwhich so i could spend it. I got a bag,watch,3 tops, braclets and i picked my phone its a lobster. I got a txt from Diane. And a call from jade and stacey which was cool. We ordered pizza for tea and we watched Vans helsing it was ok but a bit conffusing. I think some people have forgot my b/d. Were going to Grans tomz she says its my second b/d. And also fathers day so which means its not really my day. I got a card from K+C and i fiver. This time last year i was round there playing cards upstairs with Ches. Happy Birthday Clare......


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