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2005-06-24 - 9:27 p.m.

Lil Ollie had blood down his face today. Ok i'll go back. I walked into form and i walked to ollie he seemed a bit upset. "spose you've heard bout me and same" he said. But i didn't have a clue what he was on about. Sam had been bullying him and Max for a very long while. He told me he was gonna have a fight with Sam. It wasn't im getting beat up by Sam or Sams gonna get me. It was just they were gonna fight. Ok i'll just skip on to the impo bit. We walked round looking for Sam me Lil daniel and Briana. Lil Ollie had so much confidence im gonna get him in gona get him he kept going on. Then we saw him and a whole big crowd following behind him. I felt scared for Ollie but he was so determind i didnt want to put him down. I didnt really see what happend next i just saw Ollie trying to wack ollie but he missed. Sam threw his fist at ollie but i thought he missed to until Ollie turned around and walked. There was all blood running down his face. He said he wanted to go to Rainbirds and kept asking if his cut was deep, But he woudn't let me look at it. So we walked along with people gasping as we all went by. We took him to the main office but only Ollie was aloud in. And thats last time i saw him. I feel like i've let him down cause i said if it gets to rough i'll pull him away from the crowd but i didn't and i feel like i've let him down. I tried ringing Max both Ollie's and Jade who i did talk to for a while. I really wanna get hold of Max case he hasn't heard cause him and Lil Ollie are such good mates.
Well anway Roy boy took us out to a chinese. And i dont feel like talking no more.


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