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2005-06-27 - 4:09 p.m.

Just got back from school Dads at work till 7. School weren't to bad i think its slowly getting better. I seem to be always fed up when i come home from school and i get a bit weird like. I haven't to do though which is tad bit weird. I've realised i can get through without Ches. When i was aloud to see him i was depressed, now im not i still get depressed but not as much. Im not saying it's his fault just saying i can get throw without him. And if i was aloud to still see him id prob be getting more and more conffused. I mean he gave me smuggies for god sake even when he lived at Woodside and i just dont get it. Dad's a right bully i admitt i do wind him up a lot. But i remeber him saying if i keep being horrible to Mum he's gonna get me. And the other day me and mum were having a bit of a row and he pushes me into the wall i mean all teens argue but there Dads dont go nuts. In a way i want him to flip in front of someone so they can see what he's like. Cause i know no-one will believe me. He's always being horrible as well and mums like oh he's only playing with ya. But i can tell hes doing it to hurt me and if i told anyone they'd say the same. Lil Ollie was here today which was good he's not as clingy no more. I think im slowly getting clingy which is weird cause i didnt used to be. I could just try to back off a bit but he might think im not interested and completly back off i dont know. Banners and mash today how boring i hate food its not that i hate its just theres no food which i really really do like. But at same time i dont really really hate its weird. Big Ollie havent really talked to as much today. Maybe were slowly drifting apart unno. Who cares..


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