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2005-07-10 - 10:41 a.m.

Wow just read last times entry man was i in a bad mood. Im alone at mo so thought be good chance. I just burnt pink flyod for Dad it took me three trys to get there but i got there in the end. Bit bored at mo yesrterday we went to Roys which was ok. Two weeks till hoilday im looking foward to it even though i'll probly be lonely but i'll get through i always do. 4 days till Alton its gonna rain which is just so annoying. Both Ollies are getting on my nerves Bigs being really moody and well i only saw Lil in form. I was gonna go and see him but after last time on in the art department i dont think there'll want me back. Dunno whatn im gonna do to amuse my self today. Hope Wednesday go's well cause been really looking forward to it. And maxs school are going so might be able to meet his apperently hot girlfriend. Karate was good Thursday.


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