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2005-09-29 - 3:29 p.m.

I had a dream Ches commited sucide it was so weird. And kinder real although in my dream i didnt seem to upset. And when i woke up i was so relived it was a dream. I asked Gabby and she said maybe your just worried about it. I dunno but it was just a dream. Going to Kayleigh's soon she's ok gets on my nervous major sometimes. And its hard to do homework go to Kayleigh's a lot and have a serious relationship. Don't sound much saying it but try doing it. Im behind in business studies and it's really hard i think its cause i've never really done it before. Im with my form all day tommorow. I have karate today yay. Mums and Dads getting on my nervous like major and i know why but not gonna explain it. Karate my highlight of life at the momment.


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