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2006-07-23 - 10:03 p.m.

Hello its the start of the six week hoilday tomz. Normally i come on here and metion a boy of some kind. and im not gonna failue that now. I could have loads of boys loads of boys want me. And im not relly interested in any of them. And its hard cause they all asking me out and wont let me say no. So i cave in and say yes even though i dont wanna be with em. Oh finished with ollie btw hes being a tosser. Not interseted in him. Im kinder interested in what youd call the school geek. I mean all the boys and i decide to fancy Jamie Rye. But hes lovely and hes my height which is rare. Im gonna miss him loads i dont think i have his number either. I've been seen kayleigh alot latly shes lovely and quite sensitive sometimes. It was her birthday yesterday and i slept round it was good fun. She wanted me to sleep tonight but thought id chill out. Talking to luke on msn see could probly have him as well but i dont want him. I feel soz for Jamie his life is so unfair. Tom lee has moved to london im quite sad cause he was a nice boy reli Kayleighs so upset i think there were going out. If there were they kept that hiden. Well i got a headache and my gut hurts so gona go to bed now.


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