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2006-10-17 - 5:40 p.m.

Im in year 11 now the big year not much really happening. I think im more happier than i were last time. Although Daniels stressing me out right now. Did i write about him last time i dunno. What basically is happening i told ben some of daniels secrets and ben coudnt resit telling everyone. So then Daniel flipped and is black mailing me and bullying me. Now trying to think of a plan to get revenge but its not that easy because i know his secrets and he knows mine but im not gonna let him get too me.
God i fancied Jamie well bad last lol, i fancy loads of people at mo theres andrew wragge, Ben Rye, Craig and Ollie L a little bit. Oh and i have a bf lol but doubt that will last much longer because we dont seem comfortable with each other and he wants sex fuck that lol. Oh and my bro's here bet i never talked about a brother before but i do have one called Adrain he's ok now i didnt used to like him but hes kool.
Paula E hangs bout with us now i dont really mind sharing my best friend cause i have others. Like my Grandad my best friend ever he were poorly the other day but hes tough as nails. Just like me speically as i now go to the gym. So although i quit KLSK im not quitting for ever.


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