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2006-11-06 - 7:33 p.m.

I like writing on here i feel weird today, i kinder might know why but when i think bout it serously its like no that cant be possible. I feel empty and lonely at the momment i have for a while but today especially. I think i know that reason to but cant except it. I wrote a lot last time. I like it cause it keeps all my stuff and know one can read it but me (i think) and if sum other ple read it then i woudnt know them. I go out with daniel youngs one week on the 5th on november. I miss ollie but i have from day one when he dumped me. People used to fancy me alot and give me a lot of attention and i normally took advantage of it. Daniels ok but we dont really see much of each other and when he do he kinder annoys me like do things to wide me up. I think he does it to get my attention so i give him something back if that makes sense. I think his last girlfriend were nasty to him and he were really nice to start with but then fighted back and were scared to drop his guard in case she hurt him again. I dunno but theres probly some physicological answer to all of this. I did go out with Jamie whiley well that ended up complecated. I were best mates with his cousin for years when i were younger i didnt know when we first got together. Well anyways me and Jamie we had sex, we didnt use anything so after that i've been getting belly aches, no periods, quick mood changes well u get the idea. But im gonna trying to think of the best and the worst of wht to do before i actually find out. I didnt mention all this when i got back in contact with vicki lol funny enough.
Jamies got a girlfriend whos my mate too but daniel fancies her and i dunno if she does but she likes Jamie more omg it heart breaking lol. And i kinder got involed by blurting it out to Abbie but i coudnt resist. I kinder like one of emma's ex's but cant do anything cause emma likes him but oh well what can ya do. Emmas kinder like me at that age.
Well anyways gonna go now feel little better now.


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