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2006-11-23 - 9:28 p.m.

I've had such a weird day it started off okish then got better then got conffusing then in Pe it were great then in Media and onwards it were the worst then in Maths got lot better. Then since i got home it been bad again. Me and Craig had been flirting and things few weeks back and i told abbie and showed her all the notes and stuff, so you know things are weird atm. Craig hates me abbie dont but she reli reli aint happy with me. So tommorow im just gonna lay low and stick with ben. Even though i were reli nasty to him today im such a bitch i feel really bad.
Ollie were flirting with me today i felt kinder mixed by it, like reli reli happy but then sad coz i knew deep down it were meaning nothing to him. Which stings. I think im gonna be a new and improved quiet little Clare tomz coz i think that way i wont get in no trouble. Abbie thinks im lieing but im not so sure what she thinks im lieing about, i cant really think atm not properly i'll think through tomz it will give me something to do when im being the new quiet Clare. Normally being me is fun but all of a sudden i've slipped up and became a right biatch really. I dunno what to do all i can do is try my best to keep out of stuff. I feel absoutly horrible like im not me any more i don't like it. I wanna be the little Clare who is innocent and stuff she were happy. But you can be what you want if you try hard at it so i can its just not gonna happen as quick as i would like it too. Gotta go hopefully when i right back i ll be me again.


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