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2006-12-21 - 11:35 a.m.

Well i think that im me again im friends with Abbie again and were still best mates. Craig and me are friends too but me and Luke are jus keepin an eye on him coz he were flirting with someone. And hes knows were doing it not that Abbie wud do anythink anyway. Its a shame but hay. My Grandad came round earlier did i say he were ill before. Well it were nice seeing him anyway.
Its a hoilday lol woooohoooooo but im kinder bored yesterday where ok i where with jade for the day we went gym uptown i got mums prezzie then we went bk to hers it gave me summink to do anyway. Wudda been better if these slags left me alone i know i cud kick their ass's but i just see them and feel like a nobody i know thats wrong really but hay.
Im going outt with Ben now yeh again but this time it seems more better than usuall so maybe theres something special who knows. I am scared of it going wrong though cause me and Ben where close and im worried if we break up then it will be ruined. And also he's got this problem where he's scared to go out i dont what caused that or how to cure it, but im thinking either a bad experience or just lacks confidence. I dunno but i'll sort it ok well i'll try.
I think this xmas is gonna be a good one normally i think of friends on christmas day or boyfriends. But i think this year is gonna be based on my family. I got Mum quite a lot this christmas i just hope she likes it all i think its the most i've ever spent on her.
Anyways i think thats all for now see ya xx


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