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2007-01-17 - 9:27 p.m.

Hi wus up im gettn relli close to forgetting my password and user but i always get in at the end. I had a stressful day today. It started off brillantly i got up ok and my hair went lovely and my skin were all this (WHICH DONT HAPPEN OFTEN). But when i went outside it started to rain and my hair went all curly. And i coudnt concentrate on my business GCSE, then i went outside and a segull shat on me yes i know. Then at dinner i didnt want ben any where near me cause a load of people where around me. Im so mean.
I guess it got a bit better when i got home it always is. Paula came over which used some time up, she went relli hyp well we both did but i calmed down first. Me and Ben are going out on Saturday this is whats happening 12.30 bens coming round mine for the first time, bit later on me ben and paula are going to town after that i am going round bens for tea. I mean to me it seems a little to much to cram in one day. I dont like the idea of paula coming as its bens first time mine and bens alone time. And i dont think it seems a great idea to go to bens for tea after, but hopefully it'll go all ok.
Luke asked me to go out on sunday i sed yeh but im maybe thinking tht i shoudnt have. But we'll also see how that goes. I reckon abbies mad with me for it but she prob would never admitte that as they both hate luke.


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