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2007-03-29 - 6:39 p.m.

Well things are so much different now and its onli been about a week from when i last wrote. Ok well im not with Ben im with Ollie yeah i know shocker. Abbies turning more into a enemy more and more everyday, shes changing. It used to be just all Craig but cause so many people fancy her its all going to her head. Im thinking bout just blanking her from my life well not blanking her but just drifting away. I dunno i dont wanna be her best friend right now. I dont need them i can find new friends. I watched Ollie play football today it were really fun actually and i felt good. The only things what are going wrong right now is thoughs who want to lower such as abbie and Liam, Liams such a pain he just really makes me feel weak but if you fight back then he comes up with something twice as bad and its best just to ignore him but when i do that i feel weak. But i dont know what to do any more one day i ll hopefully have life how i want it to be. Its getting better cause im going out with Ben again which is good. Anyway im gonna go now k so cya x


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