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Hi i wanna get a new diary like a pretty one. But i like this one as its more secret and it cant be found. I mean i can go on about anything and not worry bout anyone seeing it. I think theres only one person whos seen this and thats tom and that was right at the beggining infact im not even sure it was this site.
Me and Abbie are still drifting away she dont trust me i dont trust her. Well its cause im with Ollie that she dont but its cool cause im not gonna dump him just for her trust. Ollies coming round today i aint told anyone so its kinder gonna be like a suprise, yeh i know. Infact they dont even though im going out with Ollie so who knows how this will turn out. Ben? well i really dont know he came round yersterday he was really upset i didnt want him to leave cause i wanted him to be safe. See he had this big argument with his Dad his Dad hit him. Yeah i dunno if i have feelings for him Ben not his Dad. Yeah well we kissed and cuddled and stuff. I love Ollie so i dunnno what i need to do cause i like them both but i think i like Ollie more, but i feel sucure with Ben but this fling is gonna end. My Mums gone to a funreal Dads a bed. I relly wish this could be an ordinary day then it'll be easier to fit Ollie in cause i want both my mum and Dad here and maybe Emma too. But not Gran and Grandad thats the bit that makes it all conffusing. Cause they coming back here afterwards you get me?
I dunno if i said but im on easter hoilday lol. So when i go back it'll all be exams and things. Anyways i gotta go do things.


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