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2007-04-29 - 1:42 p.m.

I've been with Ollie just over a mounth now its so cool. Theres great things bout it and good things relli. Soz im in a negative mood. I feel really horrilbe i think its cause i've just been in a long car ride and tht makes me feel crummy. I dunno what to do atm im bored. I might tidy my room but i dont feel as i got the energy to do it infact i dont feel i have the energy to do anythink. I want a new life cause its like everythinks just so dull the world is dull. How theres all these rules. The only time i feel like proper good is with Ollie cause hes got lots of people around him hes never gonna be alone. I feel good when i go out to but thats not offen and maybe thats my fault.
Me and mum had a massive argument friday when i think bout it i get angry so maybe its best not to think bout it. But then im not dealing with my feelings am i. But how exactly do i do tht. I wanna a diary so bad. Like a proper one dont get me wrong i do like this site its just i prefer to sit down and think and just relex i cant as easily on here. I dunno why.


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