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2012-04-10 - 2:42 p.m.

OMG OMG I can't believe I have remembered my password for this after all this time. I just read all my entries. And so much as changed. Ok firstly don't really talk to any off my old school friends. Kayleigh has had a baby. Ollie dont I talk to once in a blue moon on Facebook. I like how everyone used to ring everyone back then, now its all facebook. There some people I mentioned who I dont even know who they like Jason...? Hmmm. Me and Ben are back together after wht like 5 years its amazing. And it makes me smile looking at the stuff I said like our first kiss. Mmmmm. He is a car valeter and is a receptionist twice a week. I got him that job. I worked there , well still do but working my notice cause I hate it there. But on a ten day count down its going so slow. I got a little job in a coffee shop at the range. I quite like it. Me and my parents get on a lot better now. One little wish I'd like to have is too have more friends . And some one to call a best friend. Please make this come true.



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