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2012-06-22 - 6:07 p.m.

You can delete entires thats interesting , although i dunno if i'd want too. Well right now i have a ear infection. I've only worked one day this week, although im in temoz. Its not cause Im in agony but I've had less hours since this new boy Charlie has started I dunno if he'll last or not.
Monday was my birthday that was good I turned 21 woop woop it was good. Me and Benny went to cromer than had a family meal at globe. I am now eating healthier and cutting down on takeaways and unhealthly foods. I started on Tuesday (its now Friday) . And I cutting out white bread completely it not really good for anything. My poor Benj hasnt found a job yet. But does bits and bobs on the side. Hopefully he'll find summnik soon.


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