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2012-08-13 - 5:04 p.m.

Well not must has changed, Charlie is still there. Altough I like him a bit more now at the end of the day he's just makes to make money like the rest of us. Ben aint got a job yet, it quite depressing i'd do anything for him to get one. Although my hours suck, I think it'll get better in the winter. George can be an asshole sometimes, and Mandy and Julie are still cool.
I feel a bit of of touch with the charts so I on youtube now. Its been a bit akward lately. Its quite clear that my Dad doesnt like Ben cause he is very rude to him. I hate it and it makes me so angry. I love Ben to bits. We looked into getting a home but we gonna save first. Dad also doesn't think there be a wedding, which I can assure you there will be.
Me and Leonie have been back in touch lately its very exciting, she is having a little babba boy :). I cuddnt resist buying one or two things for him. I want a babba one day but when are curcumstances are a bit better. My diet as well and truely gone out the window we had a KFC this lunch time as it happens. I did last a week with it thou, and about 3 weeks with the no white bread. Just over a month doing more exercising. Oh well with my Farther maybe Im just born to be lazy and unmotivated :(. I got work tommorow with Georgie but then day off. I love life at mo but sometimes wish Ben could get a bit of a win. I love the saying it take a thousand tries to win (Rhianna) . It sounds negative but I think it means your'll win in the end so I like it anyway.


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