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2013-04-05 - 1:38 p.m.

Hello i bet right cause Ben no longer as his job at subway. But I dont care cause he seems a bit more relaxed and happy. And I love the way he sees us through anyway doing jobs here and there to get us food and days out. I love and respect him so much.
Whats new is i recently got in touch with Charlotte Bradford shes really no different from when we was at school.
I also as off Monday am step up supervisor without Mandy and Im absoutly terrified. Because A. The cash off his so bloody confussing and I've only done it a handful off times. And B. Im worried the other CSA's will resent me. I just want it to be over with.
But over all I am happy and content with my life. Emma and her boyfriend Aaron came over last night and it was good fun. Next week is his birthday and were going for a meal. I do love my family and feel so part. I also love my little home. The wall is now painted to add a bit off colour and where slowly filling it with the things me and Ben enjoy mostly books and dvds.


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