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2015-10-12 - 12:39 p.m.

Hello oldest friend,

I am still pregnant as far as I know but has only been a week since last entry. I think I shud right every week up until birth. I have my consultation appointment tomorrow I have no idea what will happen or how it will go. But its reassuring knowing that it will be over soon. Same with my driving test which is Thursday and im bricking it. Im 95% sure I will fail it. I just want it over with. They say you shouldn't wish time away but I just want to skip 3 months. I feel like life is at such a stand still. I think once I have my scan I can move on and plan life. Its really hard being pregnant its not glamorous like they make out. I am always feeling sick well not always but a lot. I am always tired and doing anything feels like so much work.Of course I don't regret it im delighted. I will be happy when I know the baby is healthy and well. So onto other matters ben is amazing ive been a proper grouchy whore lately and ben has taken it like a pro. Has for Danny I don't know what I ever saw in him. He talks too me on snapchat sometimes and I just think what a loser. But im in a rut coz its good to have someone too talk to once in a while. Get a sympathetic ear. Even though I think he only cares about himself 90% of time.I still got my baby Tyson have a mentioned him before. If I didn't have him think id go crazy half the time. I looking forward till Christmas but with no job think it will be tough.

well best get going, looking forward too writing next week and I ll prob be saying haven't got much more news on the baby and I failed my test.

Well adios my friend


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