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2016-02-15 - 11:15 a.m.

Hello Diary,

I missed you, well I failed my test but have my next one tomorrow. I'm not expecting too pass oh well whatever. The house is getting there bedroom and living room done. The kitchen doesn't need much done maybe some new tiles. Stairs and baby room need carpets.

But I must tell you the most important thing we are having a girl she is beautiful . I truly understand what it means when people say they cant wait too meet there baby. Her name is Olivia. We have been going too antenatal classes, its good makes the weeks go quicker.

The government are a-holes we are not currently entitled too anything coz Benny works hard. Which annoys me coz just becoz he works doesn't mean we have loads of money. If my family wasn't helping were'd be fucked. Bens mother has done basically nothing too help. Apart from "lend" us money. My Mum has brought a £500 pram. I know money isn't everything but it feels like shes more interested in the dog than her granddaughter.

Well rant over.
Speak soon.


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