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2016-04-12 - 2:19 p.m.

Hello friend ,

I am now 37 weeks, and I just want her too be here. I keep trying things which are supposably spose too speed things along. Part of me wants too let her come in her own time. But part of me doesn't want her too be late. I'd be happy if she came no later than week 39.
Well let's talk about the car it's awesome I am a hit of a nervous Nancy. I know it's surprising , I think if I was not pregnant I wud prob be better. But it's hard when ur not only putting urself at risk but a unborn baby too. And I just want her too be safe, happy and healthy. Which is what every mother wants for her baby. It's so boring waiting urgh , I trying too get bits and bobs done but it is hard with no energy. And I have a iron defiancy which don't help although It's got better with tablets .
Ben is awesome I miss him when he's working I feel like such a lazy bum.


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