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2005-05-15 - 8:51 p.m.

You never guess what. Me and Emma went to get some sweets today. And i saw hannah bobby sheena and that Tracey. Hannah just said hi and we just carried on walking. When we came out they were there again and they started having a go at Emma. Emma was scared i coudnt beleive it. I felt scared to they pushed her and burnt her with her fag. So then we went to maddies cause we were near by. She was nearby to were we were so that was handy. Then she called Lee maddies boyfriend. Who is so cool by the way. Gave us a lift home on his motor bike it was so cool. Then he went back and got Emma. Im not sure if i should go to school tommorow. But id be being a whimp by not going. I might pull a sicky but Mum will probly work it out. And everyone will ask were i was and there know if im ill and most ple know when i say im ill im not. Toms getting my nerves i really wanna tell him something. But he's lieing to me so it puts me off trusting him. I think im gonna just stick to talking to Diane and asking her advise. I g2g


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