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2005-07-01 - 8:41 p.m.

I am so pissed off Mum and Dad are getting on my fucking nerves. Dads giving me a lift town and no-one realises i don't wanna be alone in a car with him. And he's being a right fucking bully and no ones even realised it. Toms getting on my nerves all i wanna do is talk to him so he can help me give me advise or whatever but no he's not interested. I do no were im meeting every tomz i just know film starts at 2.00 but i dont care i am still going even if i have to look round for them. Cause i am not staying a second longer when i could be out with my mates. And Max is going as well i do feel a tab bit better after letting out but not a hell of a lot. I just want Diane to talk to. Feel so alone.


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