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2013-02-27 - 1:20 p.m.

Hello diary,
Me and Ben are still happily together in our home. We aint got internet yet . He made me come out to my mums and now im stuck here waiting for him while I could have been doing housework grrr. Whats new not much Ben works at subway now and im betting the next time Im on here he wont be working there. Cause A. he hates it and B. he gets hardly any hours. Also my Grandad died :( which feels strange. But good things are I am stand in supervisor so is Mandy which I spose doesnt make it that special. Hmmm what else.... Lola the cat has a new cat flap.
- Things to look forward to are summer, my birthday, Mothers day (even thou im prob at work) , Benny getting home and lastly getting paid cause im absoutly skint. Prob worse ever well maybe not worse Prob was worse off with Andy. Until next time


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