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2013-06-18 - 11:15 a.m.

Well today is my birthday. I wonder if I've had a diary entry before hmmm. Well any way I got some lovely things, and in a bit Im going into town with Mum and were going shopping cant wait. I love my birthday I wish everyday cud be June 18th. Benny is at work he started back at fosters as off yesterday. Its great but don't think it'll last long.
The supervisor thing is going ok the cash off is fine. Mandy absolutely resents me. Julie is leaving and her replacement don't sound to great. But its not right to judge before being given a chance. George isn't gonna be around much either. So lots of change at work but hopefully it'll be ok.
Ady and Sophie are going to have a baby boy by the way, I really cant wait. My first nephew and he's going to be called kye.


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