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2016-03-29 - 1:02 p.m.

Hello dearest friend the only one I can be open and truthful too. Well it's week 35. Me and Ben look like we are getting a new car that we will both be insured on. But I'm not going go too much into it coz it's so fucking stressful.
Well the house has had no further improvements since I last wrote. But we basically have everything we need for the baby. I can't wait till she's here. I love her so much . And I love Ben although things are hard at the mo , with our families. He doesn't like Emma and Aaron and moans about a lot of others. And I can't stand bens bitch face mother who makes Satan look like a pink fluffy unicorn.
Well anyway best go need to do cleaning but it not going so great coz didn't sleep well coz I was so stressed.


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