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2005-05-18 - 7:36 p.m.

School was pants First two lessons were good. In Drama we were just wachting silent movies. comedy ones they were better than i thought they would be. And in English we watched the end of Shrek and start of die another day. Then it was break it went ok part from Liam throwing yghot at me,well my bag. Then it was Art it was ok part from Kim being gobby. I was gobby back even though i was dead scared. She put water down my face. And freatened to get people after me. Then she pushed someone into me who kicked me. I ran up to form by time i got there i was actually crying. Lil Oli had a fight im proud. He was crying to i just wanted to give him a hug. We went to 33 last lesson that was good. After school we went to boots to have my picture done i just wanted to stay home. Mum kept having a go at me for being nasty to Dad. Oviously she dont know how im feeling when he's nasty to me. But whats the point know one understands. I do talk to people about it but they don't understand not really. Ches understood i always talked to him about anything i miss him so much. But longs as he and Kerry are happy it doesnt matter bout me.


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