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2005-05-21 - 9:47 p.m.

Im texting tom at mo,on Dianes mobile. I rung up Jade earlier go's to show how bored i was. I'm going to hunny tomz with Tom yeh i know crepy. He rung up and said do you wanna go. Its gonna be cool i think Diane put him up to it though. Not much happend today i went on the eye toy. And me and Mum watched meet the fockers while Dad and Peter swore at the tv. I got 1 more week off school then i get a week off. I dreamt i snogged Lil Oli so when i woke p guess who i was thinking about. Yeh Ches at first it didnt seem real. Most time i dont think about it. Only when i see snogging or smuggies. When i saw meet the parents and they were kissing and the Dad walks in on them that's the worst. I can't let anyone know i still think about it sometimes. I know he was ill but if your Uncle does that then its not gonna go away in just a few mounths.


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