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2005-06-22 - 5:59 p.m.

School today howd it go? strangly. Lessons we had were Drama, English, Art, P.S.E, and maths. Drama was good and i don't normly like it. English was quite bad ands normally good. Art was pretty good and noormly a nightmare. P.S.E i normly dont like but can get threw it. Maths is normly really good but has been naff lately. Rosie got beat up today. (Mum just crept up on me which was annoying and she saw what i was doing). Anyway bout Rosie i really did feal for her. She used to be such a happy and confident person shes all depressed now. I think bullying does get worse know and i dont see what you get out of it. I think a lot of people keep away from Rosie so they dont get picked on. And to be honest i do fear that a bit aswell but i cant just stop talking to her because of that. Me and Sherry are quite good friends even if she is a shimmy (shimmy is one of my made up words btw). Im texting Jade at momment but can't really think of what to say. I can't really trust people like her cause if i say summink bad about someone it will get round in about 10 minutes. And the thing is a lot of people are like that. Someone got chewing gum in my hair today. I think it was ever Jason or if not Robort. But i do think it was Jason i used to think he was ok but now he's just perfetic. Me and Sherry were going go to hers at dinner time. But then Lil Ollie said meet me here so i thought i haven't been with him for a dinner or break time for a while so i went with him. I felt kinder bad bout Sherry though so i was really nice to her after. Big Ollie is getting on my bloody nerves. When ever i get stressed or deppresed or frusrated he's just like oh well. The person who i do actually really trust is tom. Yeh yeh i know what i said before but him telling me about gaz has really made me thik differently about him. I haven't got no plans for the weekend which is weird cause for a while i haven't had a empty weekend. It's coz tom ain't here. I went to Karate without him yesterday it was really good but not quite the same. I rung Max Monday he'd started his new school so i was ringing up to see how he got on. And he was doing well and had made many friends. Glad he's doing well.


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