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2005-09-08 - 5:10 p.m.

Yo Wud up.
Just read last entry and man that was a while ago. That was in year 9 im year 10 now back to School and everything. So i'll give you the 411. I chucked Lil Oli so i could go out with big. I was going out with him anyway until i realised i didnt want to two time. Which is good cause this will probly be the last time i'll say Lil Oli so it won't be so confusing. Me and Ollie have a wered relationship he gets depressed sometimes. So i try my hardest to be strong for him. But 70% of the time i faile.
So don't know what bout im gonna have to do something about it.
Yeh im still doing Karate and yeh its still cool. Infact there's a grading in just a few weeks. Oh and i got the proper uniform for it. School well theres some good and some bad things bout it. Bad stuff is things like not being able to go up top any more. I mean that really sux fianlly my year i can go and were not aloud. Another are cowards but i can't handle that. another is 6 LESSONS. So fair my fav lesson is Geography so thats never changed. Im looking forward to Media tommorow. Graphics is okish its to early to say really.


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