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2005-09-15 - 3:51 p.m.

Todays been a normal day shit. Goegraphy weren't to bad neither was graphics which im really starting to like. Jade's been bitching bout me but oh well.
I have no real friends who actually like me who just pretend. Theres Ollie whos got the on/off realationship. And lately its starting to go off. So im gonna end it soon. I've just relised im shit scared off Jess WAlker so i could make friends so maybe she won't hurt me.
Im on my own at the mo Mum and Dads gone to Grans. Kayleigh came round but the phone rang so i went to anwser it and by time i got door she was gone. So she prob thinks im avoiding her. The only thing good so fair is Karate which luckily i have tonight. I've only just realised Kerry and Ches dont ove me. Mybe if i went missing they might worry. Im gonna sort it out with Kayleigh i'll deal with everything else later. e.g Ollie.


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