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2007-03-12 - 5:01 p.m.

Hi im really sorry to say but i havent got a million pounds lol. The interview didnt turn out to bad in the end i knew Lana a friend from school and i went dressed smartly even though i didnt need to lol. I think things are a smidge bit better than last time. Me and Abbie are pretty close, me and paula have kinder had a fall out and Craigs finally got a hair cut lol. Its still all just coursework and exams but thats year 11 i guess im just going to have to deal with that lol. Its only for a year not even that. Oh guess what i have a new friend his name is Dereck yeh odd name i know but hay hes an internet mate and he seems honest lol. Me and Ben are a bit off we had a blast on saturday but it got a bit ruined by the one and only bens dad but only a little. At dinner time im going be in Ms Ryes for a while to "catch up on coursework" which reminds i gotta do my re which reminds me i also gotta do my geography yep its all good lol. Mum n Dad have gone out so i thought it'll be a good opounity to do this coz i hate it wen my mum and and peer over my shoulder to see what im doing. Well anyways i think im done and plus they just got bk c ya. x


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